Dandeli is the ideal vacation resort for those who are in love with nature. Dandeli jungle hotels came in to excistence for thouse who cant afford the resort price. This city in uttara kannada is growing up to be one of best tourist spots in karnataka. It is a pleasant place to travel when you are already planned to visit Karnataka. If you are thinking about touring this place, it is imperative that you should know about the wildlife hotels in Dandeli and then take an informed decision about the best jungle hotels.

Dandeli hotels can provide you wide range of wildlife and adventure activities to enjoy. Yet for every year there are more than enough to come back and do the same thing all over again. Watching birds and animals in their natural habitats is an experience which you will never forget in your life. The city offers immense opportunities for wildlife tourism.

There are numerous hotels in dandeli for the aid of the tourists so that they need not face any kind of difficulty while searching for hotels. Jungle Hillmist Stay is in IPM which is close to hill and is famous for jungle trekking, bird watching and sunset point. Pansoli Jungle Stay which is also known as Pansoli Nisarga Dham is famous for jungle trekking, nature walk, nagazari view pointetc. Barchi Farm House which is also know as Stanley Farm House is an ancient farm house which was then changed to hotel and is famous for its room and sports activities. Night Jungle Camping is a activity in which you get in touch with nature were you can hear the sound of the wild aroud you. Kulgi Nature Camp is a forest camp situated in middle of the wildlife sanctuary and is famous for jungle safari and bird watching.